Career Builder’s Super Bowl Bomb

Part of the fun of the Super Bowl is watching and critiquing the television commercials.  This year an estimated audience of 106 million viewers tuned into the Big Game.  At a reported $3.1 million per :30 second commercial this is my selection for advertising bomb of Super Sunday: the sophomoric Casual Friday commercial for Career Builder. So if you were up getting more gumbo while it aired here it is:

To select this dazzler, Career Builder, a job search site, asked its users to select among several spots created to air for the Super Bowl through their Hire My TV Ad competition.  The “winner” is the work of videographer Matt Gahan.

I can’t imagine what marketing communications objective this fulfilled for Career Builder.  Yes, it’s memorable – but what does it communicate about the value of using Career Builder to find a new work situation?  The spot is juvenile and undoubtedly does not connect with talented individuals seeking top-level management positions.  Pereversly, this commercial has been voted one of the “Top Three 2010 Super Bowl commercials.” But did it transform viewers of the commercial into users of the site? I doubt it. anyone?

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