Home Lust

I spent two glorious weekends in late February and early March having an illicit relationship with other people’s homes.  Spring in Southeast Texas means increased pollen and home tours.  Each of Houston’s distinct neighborhoods showcases their little silver of Houston in the spring and fall months.  My friend Ellen and I spent two weekends visiting the homes featured in the West University Festival of New Homes, which benefits the West University Softball Association.   A home’s exterior and its interior reveal a lot about the personalities of the people who reside there.  A traditional well kept garden may telegraph an ordered personality.  Free-form natural beds of native plants may reveal a person who celebrates their Texas heritage and a green conscious.  Inside, residents are able to reflect, rejuvenate and recharge.  A home is a form of communication about its residents to the rest of the world.

Dream House

Dream House

 Interestingly enough, the home I loved presented a classic New Orleans exterior.  Upon entering the front door, a clean and contemporary atmosphere prevailed. The owner’s attention to detail and use of quality materials was evident in every room. A black formal dining room included a cheeky lime green chandelier; the powder room had luminous chocolate tile; the lighting fixtures throughout the home were elegant, yet playful in specific places like an electric airplane in the son’s bedroom.  I completely coveted the welcoming sitting room complete with a welcoming fireplace off the master bedroom.

Here’s what I feel the house said about this family.  They are creative due to their harmonius blending of a traditional exterior for their home and a contemporary, yet warm and welcoming interior.  They are sensualists for their choice of rich materials that add both functionality and beauty to the home.  And, they are thoughtful – since each room reflected a painstaking attention to detail that resulted in a refined, yet liveable space.  Sadly, it wasn’t for sale, but I’m sure the principal of Allegro Builders would be happy to help me realize my own vision of domestic paradise.  And if you’d like to view new homes this weekend, the Bellaire New Home Showcase is June 6-7, 2009.  Happy lusting.

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