Jerseylicious? I’m dubious.

Tanorexia. Disco Fries.  The Glam Fairy.  Yes dear friends it’s Jerseylicious, another stultifying reality television show set in my fair state, New Jersey.  After a $2 million dollar make-over, the Gatsby Salon opens it’s doors in Central Jersey to inflict 1980s style on residents of The Garden State.  “Jerseylicious” features a dizzying array of humanoids from stereotype central casting including an Italian princess; the tan party girl/make-up artist; The Glam Fairy, who orbits her own planet; and the salon’s principals, a mother/daughter team that need to make the salon hum.

Here’s a clip from the show:

The most appalling individual: Tracey, a shell of a woman who lives to make the life of her “rival” Olivia miserable. Tracy needs a daily standing appointment with one of Jersey’s best psychiatrists. And to lay off the hair spray – it’s probably affecting the firing of her neurons which may account for her psychotic behavior.

I love New Jersey. It’s unfortunate it’s become the epicenter of trashy reality tv shows, but at least these programs provide a dent in the state’s 9.9% unemployment rate. Watch the program on the Style network on Sunday nights. Then let me know what you think about the show.

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