Kwanda Klothing: From South Africa to Houston

My friend Selven O’Keef Jarmon, a designer and artist has had the rare opportunity to blend his passion for design, art and community involvement as the creative director of Kwanda Klothing which is based in South Africa.  A native Houstonian, Selven began a dialogue with the South African education ministries five years ago to develop a school uniform that reflected the tribal affiliation of its students versus the wearing of a standard British style uniform.

Kwanda skirt and necklace

While that project was not realized, Selven’s discussions and contacts led to a large-scale design project which was part of a reality television make-over, Kwanda, Communities with Soul that was broadcast last year on SBC1. Currently, Jarmon is the creative director of a team of six South African fashion designers who create the Kwanda Klothing line under Jarmon’s guidance.

Kwanda beaded pin

Kwanda Klothing creates African-inspired made-to-measure garments for men and women.   The line includes flare skirts; intricate beading; square buttons and hand-dyed fabrics.  Jarmon brought samples of the collection to Houston which he unveiled at an event hosted by peel gallery.  Zoe Jackson-Jarra of Fashion Plate is representing the line in the states.  You can reach her to schedule an appointment at (713) 398-2554.   This April, Selven will return with a fashion show of this distinctive line that connects Houston to South Africa.

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