My Story of Professional Gratitude

As Thanksgiving approaches I have been thinking about my personal and professional blessings. As my solo consultancy celebrates its 15th anniversary I have been reflecting on the meaningful projects and experiences I have been thankful to be a part of in the role as the public relations consultant.

Here’s a small window into my professional life.

For the past two seasons I’ve been fortunate to serve as the public relations counsel for Houston Chamber Choir, the city’s oldest professional choir.  It was a thrill to watch the Artistic Director Robert Simpson and the Choir prepare for the premiere of the “lost” manuscript of Giovanni Paolo Colonna’s Psalmi ad Vesperas (1694).  Dr. Anne Schnoebelen, the world’s foremost authority on Colonna’s music, was present at the rehearsal and offered her insights into how musicians would have pronounced certain notes in the 17th century.  The result of the performance is the first recording of this work – ever.

Another long-term client, Houston Metropolitan Dance Company continues to deepen its repertoire by commissioning new works by renowned choreographers.  Recently Larry Keigwan of Keigwan + Company came to the Houston Met studio to re-set his exuberant work, Air, on the company.  I got to sit next to Larry in the studio, and talk with him about the inspiration for his piece (flight attendants and the fun of flying) and then watch him work with the company.  Larry radiates positivity and grace.  So as the company polished the work, his revisions and corrections were shared with laugher and love. It was one big smile.  This work was clearly an audience favorite at the conclusion of the company’s seasoner opener, 11.11.11, as people openly laughed and exploded in applause at the conclusion of the piece.

These two examples demonstrate how much I have to be thankful for on a professional level.  Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll.

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