The Cobbler’s Great-Granddaugher has a Fresh Web Site…Finally

Baldassari Grillo, my great grandfather, is most likely looking down from heaven, shaking his head.  How, he must wonder, did his someone of his lineage, come to be a procrastinator (I’m owning it) regarding promotional work for herself? Especially one that’s a communications professional. My great grandfather, a cobbler with high-end standards, emigrated to the U.S., set-up shop in New Jersey and raised a happy family of seven children with his wife, Vita.

And, he made beautiful shoes for each one of them.  My Aunt Rita recalls a gorgeous pair of black patent leather Mary Janes with a side button that her father special for her. This was a man who learned English in night school, did physical labor all day and faced ethnic discrimination with grace.  In fact, from Aunt Rita I now know the definition of “wop” – it means “without papers.”  When you emigrated if you had a relative or friend who “vouched” for you, you came to the U.S. with papers.  Kids would pass his shop and taunt him calling him a “ginny wop.”  He just kept working.

My web site was looking tired.  I knew it, owned it, but kept pushing forward on client work instead of addressing my need for a brand review. Google the phrase “the cobbler’s children have no shoes.”  There are thousands of hits from graphic designers, public relations professionals, web designers lamenting on their blogs about how they too put the refresh of their web portfolio last. I’m in good company, but not smart company.

But now I have Jon Scott Weaver in my professional life.  He’s a gifted integrated designer who knows how to create graphic content that works effectively on all social networking sites.  He can also refine your content with an editor’s eye. So we embarked on our journey. With gentle nudging from Jon, I actually sat down, evaluated my strengths as a public relations consultant and “magically” wrote the copy for the site. With a deadline and  accountability to Jon for his professional time – I did the work. And it was fun.  I have a fresh web site and a fresh brand that effectively communicates my story as a professional and a person.



So the cobbler’s great-granddaughter not only has a fresh look for her business, she has a smoking shoe collection as well.  I think it’s in the genes.


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