Think Before You Tweet: Journalist Nir Rosen

Wednesday night I was watching Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN. He covered the stream of tweets of journalist Nir Rosen about the attack on CBS Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Lara Logan last Friday. Separated from her security detail and crew, she was violently attacked and sexually assaulted in Tahir Square in Cairo. Click here to see Cooper’s exchange with Nir Rosen.

I find Rosen’s “apology” disingenuous.  His callous statements about Logan outraged the Twitter community. The reaction lead to his resignation of his fellowship at New York University and non-stop back-pedalling.  You can delete incendiary posts on Twitter, but once posts get re-tweeted they have a life of their own.  Sexual assault is not funny – and I’m not buying that Rosen didn’t know about the assault since he linked to the official CBS post in his first tweet. This guy is not a jerk – he’s an ass.

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