Want Art? Tell Austin by May 13

It’s sausage making time in Texas – the legislative type, which isn’t as tasty as the product that comes out of the hallowed pits across the state.  Funding for the cultural arts, namely the Texas Commission on the Arts is on the chopping block. Today and tomorrow House and Senate Conferees will meet to reconcile the House Budget which axes TCA; and the Senate version, Senate Bill 1, slashes the agency’s budget in half from the last funding cycle – but it doesn’t terminate the agency.

The cultural arts generate $4.5 billion per year in economic activity in Texas. Their importance to education and the quality of life in our state in intangible.  Need more ammo: click this link to see the analytical data detailing the positive impact the cultural arts have on the citizens, communities and businesses around our state.

E-mail House Conferree Representative Sylvester Turner of District 139, Houston and Senator Tommy Williams of The Woodlands, District 4, to ask them to support the Senate recommendation for TCA funding.

NOW.  Before our rich and proud state is known as a cultural waste land.



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